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Welcome to Candyland Daycare! We are a licensed home daycare located on the outskirts of Nevada, Missouri! Candyland Daycare has been open since fall of 2007. We specialize in providing care for up to 10 children everyday, ages range from birth to 8 years old. We do not have more then two infants at any time.

Our home daycare is designed to offer a loving, nurturing home  environment in a dedicated area for the children to learn, play and grow in our daycare!  We have a large fully fenced playyard especially for our daycare, full of fun toys! 

We provide two  well-balanced  meals, breakfast and lunch, and one afternoon snack for your child. We also do lots of fun activities such as Painting, coloring, music, dance, free play, structured play and so much more, we offer a preschool based curriculum. I use Funshine Express, you can learn more about them at

Candyland Daycare meets all of the State licensing requirements of Missouri, we are also a member of the USDA Food Program as well.  We understand how important it is to be able to trust and know that your child is being cared for every day, we look forward to meeting with you and your child and are here to answer any questions you have!


 Touching The Future

I don't wear power suits,
make speeches,
or drive a fancy sports car.
I've never talked on a car phone,
made a big sale,
or been elected to the Senate.
I don't "do lunch",
have a big impressive office
or carry a beeper.
I spend my days wiping away tears,
giving hugs,
and serving chicken nuggets.
A good day is when I go through a whole day
without a temper tantrum, bite mark
or a toilet training accident.
My "office" is a room full of brightly colored toys
and laughing children.
You may not think that what I do is very important
and you may even whisper behind my back
"What a waste of a good mind."
But I know better.
I make a difference
because I'm changing the world
one child at a time.
Everyday I'm getting the once in a lifetime chance
to touch the future.
I'm proud to say "I'm a child care provider".

~ by Marti Doyle


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